We have a chance to live “second life”

As you can understand the my title, this game gives you a second life in internet. This is very interesting and real-like game. I like it although I slogged away a little. You deserve the second chance, everybody deserve 🙂

You can look what is it and what is it look like in video.


103.1 METU Kırk Haramiler :)

Image     I couldn’t come to class in this week. Sedat teacher mentioned about podcasts. I have already known this subject, as everbody knows. Even, I’m listening the podcast of METU and British Council now. I think that podcasts have been lose it’s effiency in recent years. Actually, I have not enough information about this subject detailed, only thing which I know is that podcast is about video and radio and it provides watching videos and listening radios in the internet. I think that it is an enough information for us, especially for me 🙂 



I have a websiteeeee :)



This week, we created our own websites. I supposed that preparing a website is a diffucult job until this week. But it has been the most easiest thing in CALL assignments; you take “text” on your left, drag to your website and you have a text in your website, still. You can add a lot of thing like text, picture, slideshare, links and etc. easily and you can create a website in a approximately 10 minutes. No longer, I have had a website about CALL, you can look it from here: http://www.weebly.com/weebly/main.php



This week, Sedat Teacher introduced and explained the important sites for both students and teacher: Sites which you can find a lot of stories besides this, not just written text, these stories can be audio stories namely, you can make students listen to these stories. If I speak on my own behalf, I had diffuculty in find to stories for children in apprenticeship. Stories I found were either old or boring so children didn’t like to them besides these, I read these stories or students read them. Thus, although yet I paid attention to pronunciation of words, I couldn’t still read like native speaker. Especially “Storynory” site succour to me about this situation. Anymore, students can listen, follow and read the story simultaneously. If you say “I haven’t still found stories according to my students, I suggest to you look “Storyjumper”. This site provides you to create storybook in a interesting and funny way. I love this site. You don’t need to find a lot of pictures or something, you just sign up this site and begin to create your own story book for your students. And finally I want to mention about “Dvolver movimaker”. I save the best for the last. Only thing I can say is this site is legendary 🙂 We enjoyed in the CALL lesson with this site with my classmates so much. You can make a film with a lot of interesting characters and themes which are given by this site and I’m definitely sure that everybody likes this site because you can create any film whichever you want or like. I think that I will use this site both my social and work lifes extortionately.

Online Education





We learned 2 sites -we can say app- to do online education. These are “Wizig” and “Google Hangouts” . I have already know “Google Hangout”, it is very useful and funny app in “Google +” But after I learned the “Wiziq”, I love it more than “Google Hangout” because in “Google Hangout”, you can do just video chat other people -maximum 10 people- on the other hand in “Wiziq” , you can use board, video talk and my favourite thing which I love in this site you can “raise your hand” to ask question or answer to the questions. This site is completely like school environment and I think, it is more educational way to online learning. Besides this, you don’t have to sign up, If you have a “Facebook” account you can log in this site with it easily. Actually, a lot of things have been to explain and say but you should try these sites for understand me. Finally and namely, these sites make your job easy and funny with your students or peers and they provide you to differentiate your lesson and save your and your students’ time.



My Autobiography in Prezi Presentation

My Autobiography in Prezi Presentation

       My name is Ayşegül Biçer. I was born in Aydın on 1992 November 23th. I graduated from Kuyucak Atatürk Primary School in 2006. I was students in there in years between 1998-2006. After than, I had entered the Nazilli Menderes Anatolian High School in 2006 and I graduated from there in 2010. I had been studying Language Course for 3 years in there. Finally, I entered Abant İzzet Baysal University in 2010 and I have been student in here since this year and I have been studying English Language Teaching Department in here. I will graduate from here in 2014. 

“Nice” net :)


This week, I will mention about fastness of these sites instead of mentioning their pictures, appearence or beauty. First of all, I’ll begin to “Nicenet”. As you can understand its name, “Nicenet” is nice site. This site hasn’t as pleasant and beautiful appearance as “Edmodo” but actually this feature of this site makes it more faster. Thus, you can solve and manage your works easily and fast. But if you want to appearance and beauty in your site, you may not like this site, but if you say “I search fastness and easiness in your site” , you love this “Nicenet”. If we will mention about “Prezi”, I love this site. If you get bored of “Powerpoint” presentation, absolutely you should try this site. This site has a lot of themes for your presentation and you can manage these themes whichever you want. This site arranges passing effects to another slides itself and it can do it very easily. The best way of that is easiness and practicality of these slides. Besides this, this site represents these slides beautifully. I said that I wouldn’t mention about beauty but I like this site. Only problem is, I think, this site is not actually for academic presentation. Because it is so funny and interesting way of presentation. But anyway, it is wonderful site to prepearing presentation easily and beautifully.